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Sourcing Experts

Enhancing Your Sourcing Strategy CalgaryImports offers unparalleled sourcing expertise, connecting you with premium Chinese manufacturers. We specialize in negotiating favorable prices and overseeing your product’s journey from conception to completion. Our commitment is to quality and your satisfaction.

Launch Your Plan We begin without any initial fees and offer complete guidance, even if you’re new to sourcing. Let our specialists lead you through the intricate process, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

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How We Grow Your Business

E-commerce/Small Business

Boosting Your E-commerce Presence With a modest investment, we’ll be your craftsmen in China, customizing your product experience right down to the packaging, and carving out your niche in the e-commerce landscape. Your Shopify, Amazon, and eBay storefronts will stand out with our dedicated support. Your brand, our mission.

Medium to Large Business

Scale Your Operations with Confidence
For those with an annual purchasing volume exceeding $500,000, our exclusive package includes preferential service rates, flexible credit terms, and a dedicated team of up to 20 experts committed to amplifying your business growth.

Product Development

Bring Your Product Vision to Life
If you’ve got a groundbreaking product concept and the funding to back it, yet are unsure where to begin, our services are your compass. We’ll steer you from initial sketches to the final product, making the journey from prototype to market as smooth as silk.

Calgary Imports Works in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Reach out with your requirements and our support team
will respond promptly. An account manager will be dedicated to initiating your project.

Step 2

Receive personalized product quotes and samples to ensure they meet your standards.

Step 3

Finalize product specifics and place your bulk order. Your agent will handle coordination with manufacturers, oversee production, and uphold quality assurance.

Step 4

Utilize our storage solutions, benefit from our stringent quality checks, and choose from a variety of shipping options to your destination.

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